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Uriyuva Gaddige – the place the place Shri Rachappaji gave Darshana to his devotees. At present, the presiding Mathadhipathi sits on the gaddige and provides darshana to the devotees twice a day throughout the Jatra interval
Shrine of Shri Rachappaji – The Shrine at Shri Kappadi Kshetra is the Moola Gaddige (Authentic Shrine) of Shri Rachappaji. There’s a Nelamaalige (underground room) beneath the marble shrine that we see in the present day. Right here, Shri Rachappaji achieved Samadhi. The Nelamaalige is about 20 toes beneath the Marble Shrine. Shri Rachappaji was a Vachanakara (Vachana Poet) who lived within the 16th Century CE in accordance with historic data. His vachanas are preserved and worshiped even in the present day
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